The co-funding of e-cars has ended

The funding model was designed to enable every Carinthian (private person or company/association) to both acquire an e-car and to generate the electricity required to power the e-vehicles themselves from renewable sources of energy in a CO2-neutral way– either by participation in the citizens' power plant Klagenfurt-Viktring or by installing a stand-alone PV system at a site in Carinthia.


Former co-funding of e-cars:

The amount granted for an e-car was 12% of the respective purchase price (incl. the rental price for the battery for 60 months if the battery is not included in the purchase price) and was limited to € 3,500.--. Funding was available exclusively for purely battery-driven, two-track production vehicles. Vehicles equipped with range extenders and hybrid propulsion systems were not eligible for funding. The e-car had to be registered to be driven at a speed of at least 80 km/h.

In addition, each recipient of co-funding received a charging box and could obtain free electricity from all Lebensland charging station for a period of 48 months. Moreover, parking of e-cars in Klagenfurt, St. Veit and Villach was free in limited parking zones for the duration of the parking time.


CO2 (carbon dioxide) savings:

Assuming a mileage of 15,000 km for each of the 66 vehicles, the total number of kilometres driven annually amounts to approx. 990,000 km. This results in CO2 savings of about 130 tons per year, of about 523 tons in 4 years or of 2 tons per vehicle per year.

Co-funding of photovoltaic systems (3.5 kWp)

The co-funding granted by the Land of Carinthia for the purchase of an e-car was subject to the participation in the citizens' photovoltaic power plant in Klagenfurt-Viktring or the installation of an individual PV system located in Carinthia to generate the electricity required to power the vehicle (approx. 3,500 kWh/year) from 100% renewable sources. The maximum amount granted was € 3,125.--each.

Thus, the recipient of co-funding could choose from 2 options:

1) Stand-alone system: The beneficiary undertook to install at his or her own expense a new PV system (or to extend an already existing PV system accordingly) with an output of at least 3.5 kWp at a location of which he or she has control. The eligible amount of funding was paid out after the original invoice had been submitted. The PV system must commence operations six months after a letter of commitment to install the system has been signed at the latest. The maximum number of stand-alone systems which are co-funded is 16.

2) Participation in the citizens' power plant Klagenfurt-Viktring: A PV system with an output of 175 kWp is installed on the roof of the company building of energetica Energietechnik GmbH. The recipient of co-funding can acquire an interest in this power plant amounting to 3.5 kWp by purchasing 15 modules of 200 W and 5 modules of 100 W each (with serial number) and by leasing these modules to the operating company of the PV power plant for 13 years. After this period has elapsed, ownership of these modules is passed on to the operating company. The recipient is entitled to an annual revenue and return on investment of about € 460.-- (status January 2013 – the return depends on the electricity price and the weather of the respective year and may vary slightly). The number of participations is limited to 50!


Cost of participation (all sums are gross amounts):

Cost of investment for 3.5 kWp € 8,155.00

Minus Carinthian government grant € 3,125.00

Remaining cost of investment for the participant € 5,030.00

Exit: After 5 years at the earliest with a proportional forfeiture of the funding granted or sooner by nominating a successor.


Contact and further information:

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